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  1. Jo Jo (Joanna)

    Khaldon did not lose his battle with cancer. He lived graciously and courageously with it until the very end.

    Just like ⁨Meyer⁩ said, “let Khal’s grace and his courage be reminder to us all”. The video of Khal cliff jumping with many kinesiology tapes showed that he was suffering in great pain and yet, never did he complain or give up hopes. His bravery and courageous inspiring and teaching us, he won his battle in very important ways.

    He was a wonderful role model right to the end.

    I am immensely grateful to Meyer, Nina and KLSS dance community for all you have done for Khal. KLSS had played a crucial role in fundraising and emotion support that Khal needed.

    It was a meaningful journey we chose to do together to help Khal during his darkest hours.

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