How It Works

JustNeverForget functions as a digital memorial for the people who’ve made a significant impact in our lives. The following FAQ will help you better understand our processes.

Q: How does start writing about a departed person and what does it need?

A: Our process starts when you contact us via:

Send us details of yourself and the person whom you wish featured.

You can also reach out to us through our agents (i.e. florists, funeral homes and other marketing agents) or visit

Q: What information do you need?

A: We need the full name of the person being memorialised and as much information as you can provide for us to feature a meaningful write-up, together with images. These should be sent to us via email or WhatsApp. For guidance, you may view our sample piece or scan the QR code below.

Q: How long will it take for to produce a story on the departed person?

A: For faster publication, you should contact us via WhatsApp. If you provide us with all the necessary details, a brief digital memorial (maximum of 200 words) can be ready in time to be shared with anyone ahead of the wake or funeral.

As the duration for each writing project we undertake differs, we generally aim to deliver a longer story within a week of accepting the assignment.

Q: Can I view and amend the story before it is published?

A: Yes, using communications via WhatsApp. Our turnaround time for a story depends on how quickly we obtain all the necessary information from you and build out the library of content on the person we will be featuring, via text and images shared on a chat group. To maximise the potential for producing HD-quality pictures, we encourage you to provide images in full-resolution. You will also have full transparency on our information gathering process in real-time.

Q: How can it be possible to create a compelling story about someone the author knows nothing about?

A: It’s true that in most cases, we know nothing of the person we are going to write about. That is why you, as the person requesting this digital memorial, need to provide as much relevant details and information as possible.

To facilitate this process, you will become ‘admin’ of the designated WhatsApp group and be able to add others who can also contribute their own thoughts and key moments to enrich this story.

With this information , the authors at can swing quickly into action as we are masters in our craft, each with tens of years of experience in writing about people and life.

Our “learning” starts the moment we accept the assignment – being experts at fact-digging and creative writing who bring journalistic sharpness, wonderful imagination, endearing sensitivity and deep respect to the subjects and individuals we will cover.

From candid conversations via text and carefully-curated material, including images, from print and the Web, our authors will rebuild legacies, adding painstaking detail, emotion, humor and wisdom that often render vivid, life-like experiences of the person to the reader.

Q: How long will a story remain on

A: In essence, forever. The very concept of cloud storage is infinite safe-keeping. Our values at aren’t any different.

We are in the business of creating and preserving memories. And the way to keep them alive is to ensure the stories and pictures we publish are never lost. Our servers and storage banks are adequate to manage the global response we anticipate for our service.

Q: Is this service restricted to certain countries or is it available worldwide?

A: Our is a truly global service. We aim to write about people in just about any part of the world, and in just about any language.

Q: What’s the cost to have a story written and stored on

A: You cannot put a price on memories — that’s our motto. At, we take great pride in being able to help people remember and celebrate those they’ve lost in the most joyous ways possible.

Yet, in a real world, there’s a cost and price for everything. We have writers, marketing and administrative staff, technical developers and servers to maintain. While we are not a non-profit, we intend to make our service affordable to all.

For starters, till 31 March 2024, we’re offering our services on a trial basis. That means you pay nothing for any story that is published with a maximum of 200 words and 5 images. So don’t wait. Contact us now via: