Lucy Lee Yee See: Aunty Tidbits

Lucy Lee Yee See: Aunty Tidbits

Lucy Lee Yee See, 72, never married but was known for always being a favourite among her nephews and nieces for her constant laughter and frequent tickling.

This second-youngest child of nine siblings would welcome 20 young ‘uns to the double-storey in Petaling Jaya, where she lived with the fourth oldest sister Teresa and third oldest brother Lee Yee Chuen.

Lucy (seated left) with siblings (standing, from left) Michael, Yee Aun, Yee Chuen, Yee Meng, (seated) Theresa, Yee Fong, Yee Chin and Yee Funn

Among the fondest memory is when all these children would come for Chinese New Year reunion dinner and sleep over while their married parents went home alone. Alloted spaces in rows in the living room for sleep, these playful children would always pray for the Tickling Aunt to come downstairs if they got too noisy.

“Aunty Lucy was always the coolest and she would be the one staying up with us late night downstairs,” said nephew Kevin Loong, recalling such fun get-togethers.

Lucy would also happily take any of these children left with her when their parents went to work and frequent vists to the Globe Silk Store would include warnings not to wander and get lost!

She was often the generous provider of snacks and tidbits – from cooking ondeh-ondeh to frying keropok – which eldest nephew Tang Chee Kwan commented was probably because it was the best way to get all the kids quiet and let her remain sane.

“Once we cousins learnt to play cards and other childhood games, she would still entertain the younger kids as she had such love for them.”


  1. Judith Ann Lee (Niece)

    Aunty Lucy, i will treasure the times that we will chit chat when in 707 home over whatever snacks that you will bring out for us during CNY or any reunion at the family home. My sisters and I Thank you for being our 8th Ku Cheh and will forever have our many stories and memories of you.

    In the recent years after you fell ill, I got to spend time with you during your many hospital visits that i accompanied you to. Am glad to have taken the many selfies that i did and will treasure them. I still remember how I would asked if you recognise me, when i not visited in awhile and you would say my name very loudly to know who i am and i would smile.

    Am sorry that in the past year not spend more time with you but you were always in my prayers for your recovery so that we could go jalan2 again and to see you walk again. One of my recent memories is telling you that if you would do your exercises, i would buy ice-cream for you and i did even though your progress was slow. It put a smile on your face and i will remember that smile, Aunty Lucy.

    I take comfort that you are no longer in pain and suffering here on this Earth but that you are now reunited with Mama2 & Yeh2, your 2 elder sisters, my Papa & Mummy and the rest of our family who have gone back to the AlMighty Lord’s House. Am sure your nephews, Jeremy, Jason & Matthew will take you out to go jalan2 now. Till We meet again.

    Eternal Rest Grant Unto Aunty Lucy, O Lord and Let the Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her. May Her Soul Rest in Peace. Will miss you Lots, Aunty Lucy.

  2. Jennifer Agnes Lee

    Thank you, Ku Cheh for all your love and care.
    Thank you for so many happy memories to remember you by.

    Always smiling and always the generous provider of snacks to all your Nephews & Nieces and for me, the Tickling Aunt who would always tickle me
    when i was young and hug me when i would scream in glee n laughter for you to stop! 😂😅🥰

    Your kind and thoughtful gesture to treat the 4Js when our Mum had passed on will always be remembered.
    You were so strong to the end. So you rest now & be free of all human & worldly afflictions.

    May the Angels guide you to your Heavenly Home, where you will be reunited with all our dearly departed loved ones.
    How wonderful it would be to see & feel their embrace again after all these years.

    We will miss you dearly, Ku Cheh. Heaven has gained another Angel and its Garden, a beautiful and 1 of a kind flower ❤️

  3. Simon Choi

    Thank you, Aunty Lucy for helping me buy my first pair of Levi’s 501 from US of A… and many, many more gifts, meals, movies that you have shared. And most importantly being an understanding & kind aunt during my Uni days living at 707 and throughout the years ❤️❤️❤️ I will always remember the spoonfuls of milk to you on your last day. May you rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Kevin Loong (on behalf of my Mother, Lucy's big sister)

    One of my most cherished and fond memories of you, Lucy, was when we played “house” together with Brother Meng. Remember, Mom and Dad used to go for a cinema show at least once a week? That was their only form of entertainment in those days, and they would walk for at least two to three kilometers to the cinema hall. You would have been about seven, Meng two to three, and I, perhaps eleven or twelve. Meng would always cry before they left, and maybe you, too, but whenever I suggested playing “house”, everybody was all smiles, including Mom and Dad. Our, or rather my way of “house” was to hang a large blanket on two nails from one wall to the other on our parents’ big bed, which was located at one corner of the room. Of course, with time, the holes at the corners of the blanket got larger and larger, but the three of us were blissfully oblivious of it as we were having so much fun. Today, as I write, I am wondering where the rest of our siblings were and what they were doing when I was babysitting both you and Meng.

    Another memorable time was playing dolls with you, little Sis. Remember, Cousin Ling, Mom’s eldest sister’s daughter, who lived in Scotland? She would frequently come back to visit our aunt and pay us visits, too. One time, she brought you and me two beautiful dolls, one blonde and one brunette, and we both spent so many happy hours playing with them. To this day, I do not think I have ever seen a more gorgeous doll than ours!

    Farewell, my dearest little sister, till we meet again on Heaven’s bright welcoming shores. God Bless! Love For Always and Always, 7th Sister

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